Customer is the star at UROS Live

Customer is the star at Tampere Deck Arena

Ari Palhamo,
“UROS LIVE will lift the event business to a new level in Finland.” Ari Palhamo,

Tampere Deck Arena will be much more than just a sophisticated experience centre. It is already an exceptional project, both in terms of its scale and its innovativeness. The new arena, which is rising in the heart of Tampere, will lift the event business to a new level in Finland. We are undergoing a massive change, and wants to be involved in supporting, promoting and accelerating this change.

Consumers are not only interested in the event itself, but also in everything related to it, as long as there are services available to them. This sounds obvious, but here in Finland we still have a lot to do in this respect. Here, people arrive at a venue 15 minutes before an event is due to start, whilst in the US, people arrive two to three hours early. Also, say a game goes into extra time, over here the restaurants would usually already be closed by the time it finishes.

Tampere Deck Arena will be an opportunity to change things. will introduce the Smart Venue application to the new arena, which will lift event services and customer experience to a new level. We’ll move from a producer-oriented model, where all service providers do business separately, to a customer-driven, holistic service model. The partners that will operate at the arena will build shared experiences.

This will be possible by harnessing big data, digital features and mobile technology for event use in a new way. Now is the time, and with the new arena we also have the opportunity to build a shared platform, an ecosystem, for event services. Making shopping easy will benefit everyone.

The service experience will be pleasant and streamlined from a visitor’s perspective, and it will be able to be planned in advance and tailored to suit everyone’s individual needs. Mass technology is almost ready for the implementation of new solutions, such as identifying members of the audience and, consequently, improving the flow of events and security. Service providers and sponsors will have new opportunities to generate revenue, and the introduction of new technology will also benefit event organisers who compete with each other over bringing big productions to Finland.

It is therefore easy to understand that, for us, collaboration with Tampere Deck Arena is much more than just another partnership. It’s our chance to be the first to create something completely new, and we are more than excited about it. This will be big for all of us.

Ari Palhamo, CEO, and Tampere Deck Arena have signed a significant strategic ticketing and marketing agreement. The ten-year contract guarantees the exclusive right to sell tickets to all events held at the new arena. is part of Europe’s largest ticketing company. In Finland, markets and sells tickets to memorable moments at thousands of cultural, entertainment and sporting events every year. Read more