Economic benefits that will spread across Finland

Economic benefits that will spread across Finland

More than a million visitors every year

UROS LIVE is projected to significantly enhance the attractiveness of the Pirkanmaa region and this is to be reflected across Finland. The effects will be most obvious in the city of Tampere and especially in the city centre. More than a million annual visitors to the arena are estimated to generate almost EUR 10 million in tax revenue per year for the city of Tampere and up to EUR 28 million in added value. This corresponds to approximately 610 jobs.

The homes to be located in the Deck will also contribute to the vitality of the area; they will attract high productivity workers and create new jobs.

The Tampere Deck project is also having a significant economic impact on the area during its construction phase. According to a socio-economic impact analysis, the project is creating and will continue to create an average of 1,169 jobs per year in Tampere and 1,900 jobs in Finland during its construction (2017–2025). The project’s deferred tax effect for Tampere during construction is EUR 54.4 million and the tax revenue received by the state is EUR 131 million.

The socio-economic impact analysis of the Tampere Deck Arena project (in Finnish), Deloitte Consulting Oy, 2017

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