Unique restaurant experiences

Unique restaurant experiences

Rauli Kamppinen, NoHo Partners
“The partnership in the Deck and the arena project offers a great opportunity for us to strengthen our foothold as a producer of delicious restaurant experiences for events and city centres,” Rauli Kamppinen, NoHo Partners

Good food is an increasingly important part of a successful event. Whether it is a casual game on a weeknight, a world-class concert or an international conference, visitors expect to be provided with high-quality food and restaurant services. This is a great trend that challenges all players in the industry to develop their service concepts.

Developments in consumer behaviour and fast-changing food trends can also been seen at various events. Consumers are much more quality-conscious, and the range of products has had to expand considerably. Food and drink offered at events need to be selected with international trends, different diets and healthiness in mind.

Global trends, such as climate change, food ethics and eco-friendliness, are making diners more interested in the origin of food and drink, responsible production methods and vegetarian food. In the arena, this will mean taking sustainability into account in all restaurant services, from the climate impacts of cooking to biodegradable containers.

Tampere Deck Arena will be a great opportunity for us to highlight NoHo’s comprehensive range of restaurant services and to offer customers new restaurant experiences. The roots of our company are in Tampere, and we believe that a partnership with Tampere Deck Arena will be an inspiring honour for us. To be a provider of restaurant services even when there are no events on will strengthen our position as a forerunner.

In addition to the new restaurant and food experiences, our range of meals will also feature some strong and well-known Tampere traditions. The most important thing is that all visitors to the arena will be able to find the right option for them and for the occasion. The good old sausage and beer will stay on the menu, but vegan sausages will also be available and the beer may be served in a biodegradable pint cup.

Rauli Kamppinen, Restaurant Group Director, NoHo Partners

NoHo Nordic Hospitality Partners (formerly Restamax Oyj) has the exclusive right to provide all restaurant services at Tampere Deck Arena. Top-quality restaurant concepts will be created to serve the wide range of events and customer segments at the arena. Read more