UROS LIVE is awake 24/7

The hotel, the casino, the restaurant world – a shared living room for everyone

UROS LIVE is awake 24/7

UROS LIVE, along with all its services, will be busy oozing international atmosphere throughout the year, even when there are no events on. Sports and entertainment events and congresses will be complemented by services such as Veikkaus’ new stunning casino, a Lapland Hotels hotel and numerous restaurants, cafés and bars under the management of NoHo Nordic Hospitality Partners and Hartwall.

The arena and its facilities form an experience centre where you can spend the whole day. Spectators of events will use escalators and lifts to enter the stands, and identification will only take place at that point. This means that the arena’s entrance floor, along with its services, will be open to everyone, even during events. Lippu.fi, the company responsible for ticket sales, will introduce a new Smart Venue application to the arena, which will allow users to integrate all services seamlessly.

Events will be directly accessible from the hotel belonging to the Lapland Hotels chain, which will have almost 300 rooms. The state-of-the-art six-storey hotel will be wrapped around the arena’s round shape, and it will feature the highest spaces in the building. Some of the hotel rooms at the top of the building will overlook the arena, and guests will be able to watch a match or a concert directly from the balcony or window of their room.

Veikkaus will open its second city casino in Finland at the new UROS LIVE arena, which will serve customers every day.  Visitors can play more than a hundred slot machines, about ten table games and poker cash games and tournaments.

There will also be a significant amount of modern business premises in the area. The companies located in the arena will have a unique opportunity to combine their daily business activities with networking and building customer relationships.