“What would an event be without great drinks to go with it?”

Drink experiences in a venue like no other

Seppo Salkoharju, Harwall
“What would an event be without great drinks to go with it?” Seppo Salkoharju, Sales Director, Hartwall

What would an event be without great drinks to go with it? Food and drinks that go with the event and the event’s atmosphere are just as important for the overall experience as good company. Hartwall’s brands can be found in places where the most wonderful experiences are created, and, of course, this will also be the case with Tampere Deck Arena.

Our partnership with Tampere Deck Arena is like the bubbles in our Vichy water: sheer perfection. The arena is a unique venue in which our versatile selection of drinks can really shine. Our master brewers’ masterpieces will be poured into pint glasses in a brand new environment. Our ten-year contract will cover all beverage sales in restaurants and events across the entire new arena.

The exceptionally extensive cooperation between Hartwall and the arena will give guests a taste of international favourites as well as Finnish specialty beers. In addition to well-known drinks brands, we will focus on our beer selection. Specialty beers are growing in popularity in Finland, as are Finnish and local flavours and ingredients. These beer trends will have a strong presence in Tampere Deck Arena. Other growing trends, such as organic, sugar-free, gluten-free and eco-friendly products, will also be reflected in our selection of beverages.

Experiences and people will come together not just in the next-generation arena but also in digital and social media environments. With the digital ecosystem that we’ll create for the arena, we’ll be able to surprise visitors with personalised and customised drinks experiences.

Products with a genuine story will always be appreciated, and the arena will offer us the opportunity to create new, stunning stories together with friends of great drinks.

Seppo Salkoharju, Sales Director, Hartwall