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Leaving the arena

Up to 15,000 people at a time can enjoy exciting events at the arena. Read how you can leave the arena safely and smoothly even after the biggest mass events.

Smooth pedestrian traffic

Clear signage for pedestrians both inside and around the arena guarantees safe and smooth pedestrian traffic even during larger events.

During events at the arena, the traffic light control will run a special programme to ensure the smooth flow of event visitors from the arena by giving pedestrians a longer green light at the pedestrian crossings with traffic lights near the arena. During the biggest events, nearby traffic will be stopped entirely and rerouted elsewhere while the audience is leaving the arena. 

Changes to traffic arrangements

Changes may be made to traffic arrangements depending on the size and type of event.

During sold-out major events, the streets near the arena will be entirely closed off to motor traffic using traffic controllers and barriers, and traffic controllers will provide guidance during the exceptional circumstances. Traffic will be rerouted using dynamic signs.

With the exception of wheelchair-accessible taxis, all taxis use the taxi stands at the bus station, Koskikeskus and Tampere Hall.

Rerouting public transport lines

During sold-out major events, the buses driving on Vuolteenkatu and Kalevantie will be rerouted while the audience is leaving the arena. In addition to the website of Nysse, any exceptions to regular routes can be seen on the displays at bus stops.

Rerouting does not have a major effect on the tram service in the evenings.

See the current exceptions to public transport routes on the Nysse website.


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