How long do the concerts last?

The duration and times of our events vary, and you can find the information for your event on the page of the concert or other event in the event calendar once the event schedule has been confirmed. Sometimes it may take a while before the schedule is confirmed. The event organizer is responsible for any changes to schedules.

I want to buy a ticket to an event. How do I do that?

You can find all the events at the arena that require a ticket in our event calendar – choose the event you want and buy tickets conveniently online on our website. Lippu.fi sells tickets to all our events, and their sales service is available at tel. +358 600 900 900 (open Mon–Sat 9 am – 9 pm, Sun 10 am – 6 pm, call charge €2 per each starting min + mobile/local network charge). Suite bookings and suite tickets >

When I get to the arena, where can I park my car?

Due to the central location of the arena, it is easiest to reach by public transport. The arena does not have designated parking areas. If you do decide to arrive by car, there are several parking facilities near the arena. See the list and the locations here. Our address is Kansikatu 3, and public transport schedules can be found on the website of Nysse and the Journey Planner. More information can be found on the Directions page.

Is bike parking available at the arena?

There are several bike parking areas near the arena. See the Directions page for a more detailed list and a map.

What items may I bring/not bring to an event at the arena?

The arena does not have a designated cloakroom as such, so please avoid bringing any unnecessary items or personal belongings to the arena. There is a limited cloakroom for concert visitors standing in the stalls, but the cloakroom is normally unavailable during ice hockey and family events. We therefore recommend that you leave all unnecessary items at home.

Where can I leave my pram?

The arena does not provide storage for prams or e.g. luggage. The lobby staff at Nokia Arena provide guidance during events and you can turn to them if you have any questions about an event.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to the arena?

Please leave your food at home. The versatile restaurant services of the arena are available during events, and Maltti brewery and restaurant serves lunch and savoury snacks every day. More information in the Food and drink section.

Is there an ATM at the arena?

There is no ATM at the arena. The arena is cashless, so you can pay with the most common debit and credit cards and other contactless payment methods.

Can I wish for a particular performer?

Absolutely! We too want to see a large variety of events at the arena. The arena rents its facilities to event organizers, so the best way to wish for a particular performer is to contact an artist or their management team directly and tell them about this fantastic new experience arena in the centre of Tampere. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest event announcements!

Is photography allowed during events at the arena?

The event organizer decides whether photography is allowed during a particular event, and Nokia Arena does not grant photography licenses on behalf of event organizers. As a rule, you may not take system cameras into the bowl without a press pass or a separate photography license. The audio or video recording of performances is not permitted. If you want to take photographs during an event, you must arrange this separately with the event organizer.

Taking photographs for personal use is generally allowed, but even then you may not use a system camera, unless the production team specifically asks you to do so. Also, please note that some artists demand a strict ban on photography. In such cases, you will be informed of the ban during the event. Flash photography is always strictly prohibited. Also, please remember to respect the privacy of other event participants when taking photographs.

May I share content from the arena on social media?

Yes – but some restrictions apply. We at the arena hope that you will tag us in your social media content using the hashtag #nokiaareena. We will gladly share the best content in our channels. Please remember, however, that any professional photography should be arranged with the event organizer and that some artists demand a strict ban on photography. Also, please remember to respect the privacy of other event participants when taking photographs.

Is there a Wi-Fi network in the arena?

Yes! There is a wireless network called Nokia Arena in the arena. The network is available in all public areas and auditoriums and you do not need any IDs or passwords to access the network.