Some of the events will be postponed due to the coronavirus situation. Read more


The use of the Covid-19 certificate has been suspended in Pirkanmaa, some of Nokia Arena’s events will be postponed

The Regional State Administrative Agency of Western and Inner Finland (AVI) has decided to suspend the use of the Covid-19 certificate in the Pirkanmaa region for 25 December 2021 –…
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Health security and the COVID-19 passport in Nokia Arena events

We will soon be able to enjoy the amazing series of events at Nokia Arena. We want to make sure that you can enjoy your event safely and concentrate on…
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Finnish Tampere Deck Arena is now Nokia Arena

Nokia and Finnish Tampere Deck Arena today announced a 5-year deal to naming rights partnership, contract includes an option to extend partnership for an additional 5 years    Europe’s leading multifunctional sports, business and entertainment venue is now…
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Unique LED Boards to Tampere Deck Arena

Vepe Oy is bringing unprecedented ice hockey dasher boards to the market – unique boards that the whole world has not witnessed before. Vepe Beta NextGen ice hockey rink brings…
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Tork and Tampere Deck Arena join forces to ensure safe, hygienic and exciting events

The Tampere Deck Arena grand opening is in December 2021, with seating capacity for more than 15,000 people. Tampere Deck Arena will become an unforeseen next-generation experience center that will…
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News from the production manager’s design table

Latest news from the Arena's Production Manager, Alex Regan.
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Hartwall is building a brewery at UROS LIVE Arena

Hartwall brings their own craft brewery to UROS LIVE Arena
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Akun Tehdas and UROS LIVE arena begin cooperation

Akun Tehdas and UROS LIVE arena begin cooperation
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Tomorrow’s arena experiences will be based on digital services

UROS LIVE arena's CDO Jussi Maaniitty talks about the arena's digital solutions.
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UROS LIVE arena’s year 2020 now on video

A video compilation of the construction of UROS LIVE arena
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Thank you for the past year and let’s hope for an exciting New Year

Marko Hurme, CEO of UROS LIVE talks about the highlights of the past year in his blog.
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Elina Tikkakoski appointed as UROS LIVE’s new Sales Director

Elina Tikkakoski has been appointed as the new Sales Director of the UROS LIVE experience arena. Tikkakoski, who has a master’s degree in economics, will move to this position from…
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UROS LIVE Arena to be completed in December 2021

UROS LIVE arena will be completed in the heart of Tampere in December 2021.
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The foundations are laid for the best experiences available in late 2021

CEO Marko Hurme talks about the customer experience of the new arena.
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There is room again in the front row of experiences

Marko Hurme, the CEO of UROS LIVE arena talks about new jobs in the arena.
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The experience industry will recover as long as we stick together

Despite the grim situation, I trust that the experience industry has every chance of recovering reasonably quickly once the crisis is over. Although events have been cancelled for now, the demand for events and other experience services has not gone away.
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The state of emergency is affecting almost everything – except the community spirit among Finnish people

It's lunch time. On a normal Monday, Hämeenkatu would be almost blocked by people zigzagging among construction site barriers, but today Tampere's main street resembles a ghost town.
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Löfbergs chosen as the official coffee partner of the UROS LIVE -arena

The Swedish coffee roaster Löfbergs is the official coffee partner of UROS LIVE.
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UROS lands naming rights to the new Tampere arena

UROS and Tampere Deck Arena today announced a 10-year deal to name the arena UROS LIVE.
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Friends & Brgrs is the new flagship brand in the Arena’s fast food offering

The Finnish fast food chain is known for its high quality burgers and triple cooked potatoes.
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Changes in the shareholdings of the Tampere Deck & Arena project

SRV has announced today that it will sell three quarters of its share in the Tampere Deck & Arena project to other investor partners in the project: OP, Ilmarinen and Lähi-Tapiola.
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Towards the Arena: Digital services lift the arena to whole new dimensions

It’s 2022. You are going to see your favourite band at Tampere Deck Arena. Let’s envisage the situation: what kind of experience will your long-awaited evening turn out to be?…
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The winners of Casino Tampere’s experience design competition have been chosen

The winner of Casino Tampere’s experience design competition was announced in Tampere Kansi Visit Center on Tuesday, January 28th. The competition was won by a team formed by three companies…
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The company responsible for business management of UROS LIVE has been established

Tampere Deck & Arena Management Oy is responsible for the arena’s operations and the development of experience services together with its commercial partners. Tampere Deck & Arena Management Oy has…
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Towards the new arena: UROS LIVE will definitely be a success story

The streets remain in the same place, but Tampere around them has changed. That was the first thought that struck me when I returned to Tampere one cold November day.
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A great hotel experience is the result of innovative details

"Our desire to provide new experiences is reflected in the design of the new hotel." Ari Vuorentausta, Lapland Hotels
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Collaborating to create a next-generation casino

“Casino Tampere will harness technologies of the future to improve customer experience, security and a responsible gaming experience.” Ari Tuuli, Veikkaus
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Red Bull becomes Tampere Deck Arena partner

Red Bull is the official energy drink partner of Tampere Deck Arena. The cooperation agreement covers not only the sale of energy drinks but also collaboration in marketing activities.
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The Tampere Deck Arena’s foundation stone laid at the heart of the site

The Tampere Deck Arena’s foundation stone laid at the heart of the site The construction of the Tampere Deck has entered a new phase. The construction of the…
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Marko Hurme appointed Managing Director for UROS LIVE

Marko Hurme appointed Managing Director for UROS LIVE Marko Hurme has been appointed to run the operations of UROS LIVE under construction in the heart of Tampere. Hurme, who has…
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UROS LIVE is the main venue for the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship

UROS LIVE has been confirmed as the main venue for the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. According to the decision published today by the Finnish Ice Hockey Association, one preliminary round group, two quarterfinals, semifinals and final games will be played in Tampere.
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The forefront of experiences – the Arena website has been launched

The official website of Tampere Deck Arena has been launched at The Arena project is sparking a lot of international interest, and you can find all the relevant information on this new website. It provides all the latest news about the project’s progress and introduces readers to the Arena’s ever-growing array of magnificent partners.
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Recruitment of a Managing Director for Tampere Deck Arena is under way

A vacancy for Managing Director of Tampere Deck Arena opened in May, generating a large degree of interest. The selection process has now reached the interview stage. Selecting the Managing Director is the first recruitment task for the company that is responsible for the Arena’s business operations, and the new Managing Director will be announced later this year.
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