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Arriving at a skybox

Welcome to enjoy events at the arena in the best possible way, in our uniquely wonderful skyboxes! The facilities, amenities and atmosphere of the skyboxes guarantee that you will make the most of your event experience!

Skybox visitors arrive at the arena via a separate skybox entrance. The entrance for skybox visitors is located between main doors A and B.

Skybox floor

The skyboxes are located on the fourth and sixth floor of the arena. We recommend that you take the stairs up to the skybox floor. There is also a lift for the physically disabled.

The signs on the skybox floor help you find the right skybox. The skybox floor also has a lounge, with staff who are happy to help visitors find their skybox.

Arriving at a skybox for an event 

The doors of the arena open about 2 hours before the event begins. Skybox visitors can enter via their own entrance between main doors A and B. A security check will be conducted either before the ticket inspection or outdoors, depending on the event. After the security check, you can go inside the arena on the entrance floor from where you can take the stairs or the lift up to the skybox floor.

Ticket inspection is located on the skybox floor. Ticket inspection is self-service, and you can scan either a mobile or a printed ticket. The skybox numbers are displayed on the doors of the skybox rooms. Unlock the door by showing your ticket to the ticket scanner.

Arriving at a skybox outside an event

The main entrance of the arena is open from 8 am – 1 am, according to the opening hours of the brewery and restaurant. Customers can use main doors A and B to go inside the arena on its entrance floor. There is also a separate entrance for skybox visitors at the main entrance, between main doors A and B.


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