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Tampere Smart City Week and DigITre events successfully shook hands at Nokia Arena

When the synergies between the TSCW organized by the city of Tampere and the DigITre event from the Tampereen Messut were noticed, a year-long planning began to run the events together in Nokia Arena. Nearly 2700 professionals arrived in June 2022 to enjoy the versatile content.

When the planning started in the spring of 2021, the floor maps of the arena were not completely ready, but thanks to the smooth cooperation, things quickly started to fall into place.
“There were more than 150 program elements and almost 60 exhibitors within two days. It required daily planning and editing. We were regularly in contact with Alex Regan, the Production Manager of the arena. On the city’s side, arrangements were made by Katri Schulze from Business Tampere. We first got to the site in September, and I could already see that the event would function very well at the arena”, says project manager Sami Siurola.

Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Harakka was one of the speakers at the TSCW conference.

Praise for the facilities and visuals

A total of thirteen different program spaces were in use for the events.
“The main stage and the Expo area were located in the Bowl. In addition, we had six group boxes, the university’s Paidia facility, the event restaurant Eventum and four boxes from the sixth floor. In these different spaces, the program ranged from fifteen minute presentations to panel discussions, keynote speeches and all-day seminars”, says Siurola. The visual possibilities of the arena are especially praised by him.
“Versatility and visuality are definitely the strengths of the arena. For example, we had set information about the program and the program partner visuals running in the ribbon screens. We had some spectacular implementations, but next time we will be able utilize the opportunities even better. Now we were scratching the surface of what can be done”, Siurola envisions. Ribbon screens are narrow displays revolving aroud the Bowl, allowing spectacular effects with moving visuals, colors and text.

Smooth cooperation

Nokia Arena’s technology partner Akun Tehdas was also an essential part of the production. They took care of constructing the stages, the audiovisual hangings and the technical needs of the program facilities.

“Things worked really well with both the arena company and Akun Tehdas. In addition to the technical implementations, the central location and logistics also received good feedback. The loading doors on one level makes it easy to move materials in and out.”

As a tip for organizers of similar events, Siurola advises to pay attention to guidance.

“We had planned the routes so that everyone would pass through the Expo area. It was a great solution; this way both guests and exhibitors get the most out of it. However, we noticed that even more attention should be paid to guidance and passages. We will be more prepared for this next time, but in the big picture I am very satisfied with the success of the events”, Siurola sums up.

“Versatility and visuality are definitely the strengths of the arena.”

Sami Siurola, Project Manager for Tampereen Messut

The main organizer of Tampere Smart City Week is the City of Tampere in cooperation with Business Tampere. DigITre is an event of Tampereen Messut, which is organized in cooperation with the Tampere Smart City Week conference and Expo. The Tampereen Messut Group produced the TSCW Expo & Conference and the DigITre event for the City of Tampere.

Photos Jyri Kivimäki

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